Our Services


Embroidery is a tried and true process involving the use of thread and a needle to weave a design into a fabric. Embroidery is generally best for simple logos with a minimal number of colors. Designs are converted into a digital file in a process referred to as "digitizing". This creates a file that the embroidery machine can read. 

What is the pricing for embroidery?

Embroidery prices are dependent on stich count and overall design complexity. Smaller design like a number or name may be as low as $5.00 while large complex designs might be $20.00 or more.

Is there a set up fee for embroidery?

No we do not charge a digitizing fee.

Graphic Design

Building a corporate or team brand takes a lot of hard work. A good design needs to stand out and accurately represent your organization. 

Our talented team of graphic professionals are standing by to assist you. We can design your new logo or craft one-off designs for a special event. Need a logo tweaked? we can do that to.

What is the pricing for your design service?

Free. While others might will charge hundreds we do it for free as long as you purchase some apparel from us.

Who owns the artwork?

Once you have completed an apparel purchase all art work rights transfers to you. 

We already have a logo can we send it to you?

Absolutely. A vector format logo works best; however we can make a .jpg work.


Digital and HTV refer to two processes where a design is first applied to a transfer sheet and then heat pressed onto a garment.

The digital decoration process has many advantages over traditional screen printing including, rich detailed designs, unlimited colors, water-based eco-friendly inks, durable designs will not crack or fade. 

HTV or heat transfer vinyl is used on many types of athletic gear and is an economical choice for small orders/

What is the pricing for your digital and HTV offerings?

Pricing will vary based on the size of the overall design and in some cases the number of colors.

Is there a setup fee?

No we do not charge an extra fees. 

Screen Printing

This method of apparel decoration involves applying ink through a stencil. Each color in a design is separated and printed on a special transparent film. The film is then exposed onto a mesh screen that's been coated with a special emulsion. creating the stenciled designs.

The screens are loaded onto a press and placed onto the apparel. Ink is then pressed through the mesh screen onto the garment. After the garment is printed it's dried/cured in a conveyer dryer. 

Screen printing works best for large orders, any design requiring specialty inks or using Pantone colors. Due to the high amount of labor involved setting up the screens it is not recommended for smaller jobs.

What is the pricing for screen printing?

Pricing will vary based on the number of colors involved and the size of the job. Large jobs will be as low as $5.00 while small jobs might be $15.00 or more.

Are there any added fees?

No we do not charge any setup or screen fees.



Sublimation refers to a decoratin process that uses high heat to transfer dyes onto a fabric. Similar to digital the design is first printed on a transfer paper. This paper is pressed onto a garment and the heat from the press converts the dyes to a gas that binds with the fabric. This is different from screen printing where the ink is applied on top of the fabric.

What is the pricing for sublimation?

The pricing will vary depending on the design size. A small design in a large quantity might be as low as $5.00 while a larger design might be double that price.

Can you sublimate on dark fabrics?

No we only recommended sublimation for light fabrics, preferably white.

Can you sublimate on cotton?

Yes, however the design will have a "weathered" look.